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How to Download Cracked Android Apps free from Play Store

Posted by Mohammad NaVeEd

Whenever we discuss about android with our friends or comrades ,first we talk of 
android applications and games.We install and use applications ,play games etc more than
doing other works in android devices like tablets and android supported phones.Users
install applications from android stores like Google's Play Store,Mobogenie apps store
and also from various other android app websites.Most of the android operating system 
 users install only those apps from play store which are free as they cannot  install cracked 
android applications from it.You all may be wondering what are cracked android apps?,
So let me tell you , cracked android apps are those applications in play store or in
any other store that are paid ,i.e ,you need to pay some amount to download those
cracked android apps.Usually most trending and latest application in Google's Play
store are cracked(paid, not free).So, today in this article I will explain you that how
can we install these paid android apps for free from Google's Play Store.Now let us
start with easy steps below:

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Steps to Download Cracked Android apps free from Play Store:

Friends below are the easy steps to download cracked android apps free from Google's
Play Store:

      Here I will explain 3 steps , first is to find the required application,second is to 
download the application and final one is to install it without any error.So let me explain
each step.

1. Firstly you need to find the required application on Google's Play Store, after finding 
that application note down its version.You will easily find the version of that application
in "what's new" or in description  of that application.(check below screenshot).

2.Second step is to install that cracked android app.You may be thinking how can we 
download that paid android app,So here come the main steps to download that cracked
android app.

  • Download and Install 4Shared app from here.
  • In the menu there select advanced search .
  • And in the filename give name of application along with version number e.g Turbo fly v1.2.3 or turbo full.
  • Next select android apps from type of file and search.
  • There will be many applications. Download the first which will be listed there.
  • After downloading that app ,don't install that.....

3.The 3rd and the final step is to remove the license verification of those cracked 
android apps because you will not be able to install many of them .So the steps to remove
license verification are below:

  • Download and Install the Lucky Patcher from here.
  • Open it.
  • Choose "rebuild and install" .Select the android file from SD card which you have earlier downloaded from 4shared app.
  • From the menu in lucky patcher, select rebuild and then select apk with removed license verification.
  • Then select Auto Mode and click Rebuild application.
  • A new application will be created at the following location: "Sdcard/Lucky Patcher/Modified".
  • Install that app with lucky patcher itself.
  • Yup,you are done.(check all screenshots of 3rd step below)

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